Why Kids Should Attend Motivational Conferences

One habit that my children have adopted through me is listening to motivational speakers. From Tony Robbins to Suze Orman to Nick Vujicic—we have seen and heard them all. This has inspired us to attend a series of motivational conferences 2019, which has given us so much information about succeeding in life.

Some parents at my kids’ school raise their eyebrows whenever I say that we are into that. They think that the children are too young for motivational conferences, but I always agree to disagree. Kids need to get exposed to similar events early so that:

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They Can Hold On To Their Dream

A dream is something that’s missing in the lives of people who do illegal things (e.g., substance abuse, theft, etc.). When you ask them about it, they may say that it is only for children or adults born with a silver spoon in their mouth. However, the real problem is that they have not been motivated enough to hold on to their dreams. 

They Can Back Up The Dream With Action

Motivational speakers are not merely experts at giving encouraging words. Often, they know how to advise their listeners about what they should do to realize their dreams. If kids can listen to them regularly, it won’t be impossible for them to take action and become successful in the future.

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They Look Up To The Right People

Going to motivational conferences can help the children to see what success looks like and how others have achieved it. Such achievers can indirectly turn into their mentors in the sense that the kids may aspire to follow their footsteps. Thus, you can be sure that they are looking up to the right people.

Final Thoughts

I understand that my unique parenting style and bonding with my kids seems bizarre for some people, but there is nothing wrong with them loving motivational conferences. They still play like other children, and their development is not getting stunted because of it. If I am honest, I will say that my little ones may be wiser than their peers because of it.

Allow your kids to attend a motivational conference at least once to see if they will like it. Cheers!