Why Should Students Get Leadership Training Early?

Student life needs to be injected with summits like the 2017 Leadership Event. I understood that way back when I was in the academe myself, after watching and listening to Steve Jobs talk animatedly about his work. At the time, I was always the follower—sometimes even the rebel. It never occurred to me to take…

Things You Should Know If You Are Marrying A Jew 

When you are about to marry someone out of your religion, it may be a huge and life-changing decision, especially when marrying someone Jewish. Getting married to a Jew is not entirely impossible for a non-Jew, but it can be hard. Conflicts of holidays, beliefs, and also cultural differences are just some of the things you might…

The Role Of Men And Women In Judaism 

The different roles of men and women in society have long been associated with religion and its teachings. Especially when it comes to the religious teachings about the family’s well being, gender roles are inevitably and profoundly talked about.      

10 Interesting Facts About Jewish Marriages 

Savoring the pleasure of the world is a teaching of Judaism that is embedded in the minds of the Jewish people. Too much materialism, however, has generally been established as something that leads to negative and damaging things. In contrast to this notion, Judaism teaches that with the proper attitude and usage of the physical world, holiness can be obtained.      

The Shidduch Process  

Nowadays, men and women take a longer time to settle down and build a family. It can be caused by several factors such as financial stability, sexual preference, educational background, and economic status. Even religious beliefs and morals play a significant role in marriage longevity and family formation.      

Interfaith Marriages In Judaism 

Judaism has been widely regarded as a religion that sticks to fundamental truths and practices. And this religion’s enduring influence is attributed to this fact. Judaism’s belief systems were established since the time of Christ. It is withstanding the test of time and has remained relevant for people of this day and age.  

Outsmarting Anxiety: How Jews Avoid Counseling Through Spirituality

    Even before there were experiments and scientific findings, ancient teachers and rabbis have explored the limitations and possibilities of the human mind – whether individuals can communicate and connect with an expansive, heightened the degree of reality that has gotten over the brain’s dissatisfied, worried initial reaction to daily encounters.   These kinds…

Achieving Inner Peace Based On Judaism And Psychiatry

    Combining the theories and principles of psychiatry and Judaism, there is a three-step method to cope with mental health disorders and achieving inner peace. Unsurprisingly, this is the era where everyone seems anxious all the time due to the demands of current society, work, family, and relationships. People’s concerns are no longer focused…

Why Therapy Works Best With The Jewish Community

    When it comes to sharing concerns and feelings, it was found that Jews are more willing and are more confident in their therapist’s capability to help them with their mental health condition.   What Statistics Say A recent article titled, “Religion, Ethnicity, and Attitudes Towards Psychotherapy” that was published last April 2012 in…