All About Spiritual Counseling: How Judaism Helps With The Overall Wellness


professional recommendations for spiritual healing that helps with overall health improvements

There are many forms of spiritual counseling that a particular individual may find interesting. Regardless of the different kinds of spiritual counseling available in the country, there is only one standard goal for all of them. This goal is to have a fuller understanding of things that confuse you regarding the spiritual realms that you have in mind.

Guide For Spiritual Counseling

One of the most common types is spiritual counseling. This method deals with finding the balance among the several systems of belief acceptable in society. Sometimes, a person may find it confusing as to what particular faith to practice. Spiritual counseling does not deal with the mind of the person but with his soul.

In this article, the primary focus of Spiritual counselingwill be on finding out whether Judaism is for you. Do you want to know more about its faith? Do you feel that you’ve been led far from its way of life?


The Way Through Spiritual Counseling

The Belief in One God

Judaism is one of the monotheistic religions, together with Christianity and Islam, all over the world. The Jews believe that a Higher Being exists in the form of God. They also think that there is life after one’s death in this material world. At the same time, the Jewish people also subscribe to the view that in the beginning, there was nothing until God created life.


The Free Will

Being monotheistic, Judaism also promotes the belief in the existence of free will in all people. This means that even if God is present and has specific plans in one’s life, the same person still can control the way he lives his life. He can use his free will to change the course of his life. He is still the one who can decide for himself. “You can start over,” says Richard Zwolinski, LMHC. “From our perspective this is rooted Faith in a Benevolent, Loving, Creator, however, starting from your point of goodness is what matters.”



The primary text that holds all accounts of the Jewish faith and principles is called the Torah. It is a sacred scroll that is considered as the founding document for the Bible for Christians and Quran for the Muslims. Torah is composed of five books, namely Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, and Numbers. “Judaism is a text based on religion,” says Mordechai Rotenberg, Ph.D. “By emphasizing the centrality of text, I wish to declare that I derived my Jewish psychological paradigms via the hermeneutic process of reinterpreting the sacred texts in psychotherapeutic terms.



In Judaism, people are encouraged to be charitable to other people. This is called Mitzvot or the conduct of being kind to the community by doing good deeds. Because of this, Jewish people are always committed to those who are in need. They keep on giving without expecting something in return. This is also the reason why you can see lots of Jews who have dedicated themselves to doing volunteer works or activities.

spiritual counseling: Judaism, health and overall wellness. See help and assistance.

The items presented above are just some of the basic information about Judaism. If you want to learn more about this religion, it is highly recommended that you undergo spiritual counseling. Seek the help and assistance of the professionals when it comes to dealing with your questions about faith.

“You don’t have to be religious to be spiritual, or to hunger for a more fulfilled life. But it takes some work to move past the trappings of everyday life, of our insistent preoccupations, self-absorption and ambitions.” Says Lloyd I Sederer, MD.

Final Thoughts

Do not hesitate to ask for their guidance for you to make the right spiritual counseling choice. Just make sure to hire a qualified and skilled professional in spiritual counseling or therapy. Ask for some recommendations from friends or go to an online platform to know more about spiritual counseling.