Things You Should Know If You Are Marrying A Jew 

When you are about to marry someone out of your religion, it may be a huge and life-changing decision, especially when marrying someone Jewish. Getting married to a Jew is not entirely impossible for a non-Jew, but it can be hard. Conflicts of holidays, beliefs, and also cultural differences are just some of the things you might encounter.  




However, when you love someone, it knows no boundaries, not even religion or culture. At the same time, to make the relationship work, you have to make certain adjustments and sacrifices on your end.  


There are several things that you must be prepared to accept and learn or at least respect for that matter. Because when you are marrying a Jew, you are definitely not just marrying the person, but also the rich and interesting history of the Jewish culture and religion. 


Traditions And Beliefs Of Judaism That You Must Know 

When you are marrying a Jew, you should know that they are monotheistic and that Judaism is associated with their everyday life. It is intertwined with their ethnicity and even considered as an ethnic religion. At the same time, some Jewish practices are often misinterpreted by outsiders, which is why you should know first-hand if they are true or not. “Respect means we have high regard or admiration for another’s views and feelings. We value their abilities and inner qualities,” Marilyn Price-Mitchell Ph.D. explains.


  1. Hannukah 

They celebrate Hannukah during December, which people mistakenly label as “Jewish Christmas,” but in fact, it is way different. Hannukah celebrates a different kind of miracle, which lasts for eight days in the last month of the year. Unlike Christmas which marks the birth of Christ, Jews celebrate Hannukah as a commemoration of Judah Maccabee’s defeat of the Syrians. Thus, the Second Temple in Judea was rebuilt.  




  1. Kosher 

For a non-Jew, Kosher is being marketed as an alternative for people who want to lose weight, but actually, it is a holy practice and tradition that Jewish people do for their entire lives. It is essential to respect their food choices, and only prepare the food that is fit to be eaten by Jews. Kosher in itself means that it is suitable to be consumed by Jews according to their holy scripture. “Kosher foods are items approved by kashrut,
the body of Jewish law that supplies the guidelines for
food preparation,” Sandra Bastin, PhD wrote.


You don’t need to go to the particularity of the details in history about their religion and culture, but you must at least know the practices, taboos, and beliefs they have. The most important thing in any relationship is the amount of respect and love you give to the person, regardless of the differences you have.  


How To Find Common Ground In Your Marriage 

Religion might play a crucial role in how your marriage will go, but always remember that religion is not the only thing you can have in common. Despite differences in religious beliefs, you still can find common grounds in the simplest of things, like your favorite movies or activities.  

“In practical contexts, it suggests that PFPP [Partner-focused petitionary prayer] is useful to relationships by increasing one’s own relationship quality and so can provide a helpful adjunct to other relationship enhancement activities,” Frank D Fincham, PhD and co-author discussed.


At the same time, focus on why you fell in love with each other. What are the qualities that made you fall in love with this person, that regardless of religious differences, you chose to love and accept them for who they are? It must have been so pure that it encompassed the differences you have in your religion.  


So when you are thinking twice about marrying a Jew, know that having the same religion is not the main thing that can keep your love going, but the choices you make for that person.